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Tips for hosting a Stress-Free Holiday

Tips for hosting a Stress-Free Holiday

We all know, the holidays can be severely hectic. But worry not, with careful planning our tips for this year will make you enjoy this time of year so much more.

Recipes: Williams Sonoma has an amazing no-fail Thanksgiving Menu

Cheese Boards: Molly from Almost Makes Perfect Blog has incredible tips on how to make your own epic charcuterie table

Candles: Make your home cozy and bright with some of our favorite brands

DW and Scensational

Decor: We all know this plays a major role in the holidays, so check out our Pillows and Fall Guide for some inspo. 

Diffuser with essential oils: This is more for yourself than anything. Diffuse some of our favorites to keep the stress level at a minimum. 

YL Stress Away Oil Blend

YL Lavender Oil

YL Ylang Ylang Oil

Keep drinks on hand and chilled like Izzie and La Croix

(Hint: Both of these can be found at Costco for a better deal.)

Lots of company? Don’t be compelled to seat every guest and create a formal dinner.  Make a buffet table for an easy an efficient way to serve. Here are a few links to some buffet serving bowls and platters:

Food Chafer Warmers

Condiment Set


Stoneware Bowl

Baking Dish with Rack

Plates with Stand

Drink Dispenser

We hope this list makes you that much at being stress free for this upcoming holiday season!

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