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Willow Bloom is a family-run, custom window treatments company based in the US and we ensure only the finest product arrives at your door. We manage our own inventory and oversee every aspect of the production process. All products are proudly handcrafted by our skilled artisans and designed to last a lifetime.

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White this, white that. We see white everywhere, and for good reason. This theme has been around for quite sometime, and it seems it is still standing the test of time. We like to stay on top of what our clients are always leaning more towards and the goals they want to achieve in their homes. At WBH, we offer six variations of white fabric, not including those ....

here are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities of the holiday season, and nothing is more important than making it your own. When I’m asked: how can I make my holiday atmosphere unique? I always reply with a question of my own… what do you love to do, and what are you most proud of! Here are a few of the most common questions I am asked from friends and family....



Adding our latest prints, The Muse collection embraces a blend of African, native Central and South American influences to embody a sense of global tribalism. The collection is awash with geometric shapes with hand painted and naive sensibilities, capturing a rustic luxury with a dose of free-spiritedness.

Willow Bloom Home Lowen Cobalt Roman Shade