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Shop for curtains and drapes in our collection of window-enhancing drapery panels. You’ll love the fresh new drapery looks made with quality materials and construction.

Our Collections: Quick Ship Drapes Collection -
Whipstitch Drapes CollectionSheers Drapes CollectionSemi-Custom Drapes Collection - Signature Drapes Collection

This new program allows you to have the same quality custom drapes, but without the long wait time. Drapes will be shipped in five business days or less.

Prices From: $303.86


  • 5 Distinct Styles
  • 8 Exclusive Patterns
  • Hand-made

:This exclusive collection features an organic cotton whipstitch bordering around the panel, creating a soft relaxed feel. Each pleat is individually crafted and hand-stitched for a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Featuring on-trend neutral color fabrics and threads, this collection is perfect for creating a relaxed environment with low maintenance panels.

Prices From: $244


  • Whipstitch Bordering Panels
  • 100% Organic Cotton Thread
  • Hand-Stitched Pleats

Our newest collection consists of a incredibly soft sheer fabric, Bastiste is a blended sheer with a very soft feel, available in 6 color ways. These panels are made unlined and without buckram tape, for a relaxed look and low maintenance install.

Prices From: $252


  • Soft Unlined Panels
  • Offered in 4 Styles
  • 6 Amazing Colors

Our Semi-Custom Collection Drapes feature a multitude of color, texture, prints, and patterns available in an array of styles and sizes making this our most popular collection.

Prices From: $303.86


  • 5 Distinct Styles
  • 41 Exclusive Patterns
  • Hand-made

An exclusive collection of fabrics with a variety of textures, colors and prints. Our most impressive fabrics, featuring our signature Willow Bloom print.

Prices From: $508.90

Choose from:

  • 5 Distinct Styles
  • 18 Exclusive Fabric Options
  • Variety of Linings Available

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