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The Next Chapter: Willow Bloom

When Premier Curtain Studio was initially just an idea, we knew we wanted to start a brand that wouldn’t be born into something that would be more than just an online store. We wanted to feel connected to each and every client no matter what the purchase. With that, we would love to introduce our new name as Willow Bloom. This name means so much to us that we wanted to share with everyone. This brand was originally started with a single fabric, which over time we realized it meant so much more to us. The colors, texture and pattern are timeless and most of what we do always revolved around it. With this name change, our mission will always remain as important and the same: to help our customers live a more functional, beautiful, happy and comfortable life at home. We are excited to start this next chapter in our brand and hope you will experience a connection on a more personal level.
-Marina Meyko and Allison Kifyak
Founders of Premier Curtain Studio (soon to be Willow Bloom)

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