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Keeping It Simple

One theme that continues to linger with us and our happy customers is that simplicity is always the best answer. In our world of social networks, complicated innovation and more, we are bombarded by information and stimuli at a staggering rate. Which is why it feels like home should be a place that’s just relaxingly, simple. And let’s not confuse simple with bland. What we hear from customers is that simplicity is a clean minimalist design that accentuates the bolder parts of any room.

Whether it be a lavish sofa & couch or an extravagant television unit, the smaller things like the pillows or an ottoman help add to the beauty of the bold piece without becoming an overwhelming distraction. Drapes help tie the room together, while also adding a practical function of diverting light on those afternoons that are just a bit too bright. At Willow Bloom we want to help build the sanctuary that is your home, and we love hearing feedback from customers who express how their new Willow Bloom piece has helped add to the elegant simplicity of their home. At Willow Bloom our priority is always creating the highest quality pillows, drapes, and home décor essentials, which is why we will continue to promote the idea of: Keep it clean, keep it simple, and only use the best.


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