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Finding Calm Among These Hectic Holidays

As we exit the season of Thanksgiving and over-indulging in turkey with stuffing, we enter into an even more demanding month of decorating, present buying and creating new resolutions, as 2019 begins to creep up. This time of the year is strenuous for many, including Allie, myself, and the entire team. As we get closer to the dates of celebration, the to-do lists always seem to grow and grow, but it’s important to be able to come home and find calm among our busy schedules. While this year is busier than most, I’m surprised by how much transforming my living room has helped me find serenity after a hustling and bustling day. The sea of eggshell white, navy blue and dark brown wood tones are my ideal atmosphere to finding my much-needed calm. Being able to pour a cup of tea, kick up my feet on my Willow Bloom ottoman with the view of our Christmas tree and reading for an hour or two really brings peace and reflection to a season that requires just that. Having left my phone elsewhere in the house also helps.


Willow Bloom Home Linen Slate Drapes

Realizing how fortunate we are to have those we love around us, appreciating the love of those who love us back, and realizing that all the work and preparation we put into this holiday, are so that we can enjoy each other’s company before we return to our busy lives. The presents are a huge bonus too.

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