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Design Ideas That Help Beat the Heat

As summer beings to crescendo into our lives, we are always looking for ways to cool off from the persistent summer heat. Whether it be taking a dip in the pool or sitting under the shady umbrella on the patio, there are many design elements that could help you stay cool this summer. Here are a few ideas we have embraced here at Willow Bloom Home.

Some general ‘beat the heat’ ideas usually entail seersucker and shade, and while those are great options, we believe that there are additional alternatives that have yet to be fully taken advantage of. The first being light and neutral colors that shy away from the heavy browns, greys, and charcoals. The utilization of beige, white and cream colors help reflect all those sunrays and keep the atmosphere light and calm. Whether this be indoor or outdoor, the use of light colors will always help make that heavy heat more open and airy. 

In addition to the color choice, fabric selection is key in serving a purpose to either keep the heat out or let the nice breeze come through. For outdoor furnishings we suggest thin and almost translucent fabrics that allow those pleasant summer breezes to be felt. There’s no better feeling than sitting in a shady patio with a breeze rolling through, so make sure not to stifle that option this summer! For indoor furnishings we continue to recommend light, yet thicker fabrics to help reflect the incoming heat through the windows while keeping the indoor atmosphere free and open. 

There are many ways to beat the heat this summer and we love to hear new methods to this age-old dilemma. What did you think of our suggestions? And if you have any recommendations please feel free to share with us!   

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