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Decorate with Purpose: Let Your Home Help You Destress

It doesn’t take much effort to get tangled up in daily life and bring work home with you in this day and age. We seldom think of our “house” as a “home”. Colors and decorations play a major role in how you feel in your own home. Some like a calm color palette, while others like it bold and bright. With either choice, you want to create an escape from daily life and stress. Using window treatments are key to creating the ideal oasis you want in your home. With the wide variety of colors, textures and patterns, choosing what’s right for you your space is simple and easy. Not only are there options in fabric, but options in the treatments themselves. Drapes, Roman Shades, and valances can give you the privacy you need or add a simple touch to a room, even when space is tight. Having lining options makes a key difference in your lighting. Accenting with the right pillows and ottomans as well can complete any room and accent the window treatment. Colors and textures can compliment each other to create a sophisticated look, and we are always here to help if you’re not sure what may work in each space.

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