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Colors We Are in Love With

        As 2019 continues to move forward, we have been carefully studying the color palettes that have come back into favor with interior designers and fashionistas all over the web. At Willow Bloom we like to stay up to date with what everyone else seems to be enjoying, while adding our own unique flair to make a high-quality product that many people can come to appreciate. What we have come to recognize is the quick and vast fervor for what we call the ‘Fall-to-Spring’ colors; specifically burnt orange, moss green, and a natural shade of light brown.

These Fall-to-Spring colors have become a growing trend among fashion designers looking to move away from the whites, teals, and greys that we have come to see out of winter fashion lines and begin to adopt these new colors of regrowth and comfort. In April, we have seen designers ditching their blanket white accessories and finding value in more naturalistic colors. As we begin to see the flowers and trees bloom around us, we want that same energy and cozy nature to permeate into our homes (except for the pesky pollen of course). To everyone,

Spring reminds them of something different, and to us, spring is all about getting back outside and enjoying company in the presence of nature. Enough of those solitary indoor events, we should take the time to enjoy the re-birth of nature this spring with outdoor barbecues, setting up the volleyball net, and pool parties with friends and family. With that in mind, we have begun work on adding these colors into our new and upcoming line of Spring fabrics! So this spring, grab a blanket to put on the grass, some pillows to stay comfy, and most importantly bring your family to enjoy the beautiful rebirth and bloom of nature this 2019… also don’t forget those allergy meds.

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