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Summer Decorating Essentials

Hello fellow designers and fashionistas! We wanted to first off, wish you a continued enjoyable summer, and also talk a bit about some essentials when decorating your homes during these hot and humid days. A few days ago, we posted about some tips we had discovered and utilized in our own showrooms and homes, and we wanted to pass along these tips to you! 

So, the most important factor to consider this summer is the heaviness and light-blocking nature of many fabrics on the market. At Willow Bloom we offer thin, partially translucent sheers that allow light to pass into the room while keeping the atmosphere breezy and airy. I can tell you from personal experience that swapping out those heavy and thick curtains for some light and simple sheers makes the room automatically cooler. It’s as if changing the curtains makes you feel like the AC has been running, even though it hasn’t! So definitely give lighter, sheer fabrics a try to beat the heat this summer!

Another great accessory that really makes a room pop, while keeping the atmosphere cool and light is acrylic hardware. We offer a fair selection of some beautiful acrylic hardware that really keeps a similar theme to the translucent sheers. Acrylic lets the light come right through, but also provides a refined and modern look to your home. Not only that but they are light and super easy to install so giving acrylic some consideration, and it could really transform your living area this summer!

And finally, just an overall recommendation when considering a new design change this summer; look for calm and simple color palettes. While the traditional summer colors palettes are interesting in their own regard (red, orange, yellow, etc.) they can start to feel overwhelming and compound on that feeling of heat, humidity and exhaustion. Throwing in relaxing and breezy colors such as light blue, beige, and shades of white could really lighten up a room and help bring in that much desired relief from the heat. Whether it be in the form of sheers, pillows, hardware or anything else. Moving to more neutral and light colors could change your whole room dynamic. 

Make sure to check out some of these examples on our Instagram page & story:

And also make sure to let us know what you thought of these tips and let us know your design/ accessory recommendations to help beat the summer heat!

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